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HH Traditional Sambal 多用途传统参巴 (50g x 4)

内含4包装。 不添加防腐剂及人工色素。开封...

$ 3.00 (200 grams)

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HH Mala spicy Paste 麻辣酱包 (100g x 2包装)

内含两包装。不添加防腐剂及人工色素。 实用...

$ 4.07 (200 grams)

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Braised Peanut 素食香焖花生 170 grams


$ 0.96 (170 grams)

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Salted Egg Crackers 咸蛋黄方块酥130grams


$ 3.21 (130grams)

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Tom Yam Flavor Noodles 东炎面 (5packets) 300grams

Imported from Thailand. land of smiles.

$ 3.21 ( 300 grams)

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Cedar Shoot 万世香 - 香椿嫩芽300grams


$ 6.96 (300grams)

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