Vegetarian Soyees 素干貝絲 (out of stock)





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Grilled Salt Meat 碳烤盐猪肉


$ 8.56 (450 grams)

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Vegetarian Chili Paste and mushroom 2kg 香菇辣椒膏(大)

(Vegetarian Chili Paste and mushroom in Oil) 2KG Long lasting ...

$ 16.05 (2000grams)

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Golden Roll A1无蛋素卷 300g

Sales Time Limit: Until 22th January 2017

$ 9.42 (300 grams)

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CK Fried Squid Ring(Vegan) 全广花枝圈

new vegan stock coming in 26 december 2017

$ 41.73 (3000 grams)

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