Organic Fruit Juice 295ml 有機綜合蔬果汁


Made In Taiwan. Made from Organic Fruit Concentrate from America.



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Su Jin Xiang Ham Slice 全广火腿片

Available in 400g and 1kg,for 400g,please inquire within.

$ 10.70 (1000 grams)

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Veg Ball 斋枣 (15pieces)

Deep Fry ngoh niang. 15 pieces.

$ 2.78 (250 grams)

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Friendly BBQ Snack Original 善缘素肉干

Vegetarian bak Kwa. Smaller piece. Made from Soya bean fiber.

$ 6.96 (250 grams)

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Pineapple Sunflower A14原味黄梨达 350g

Eggless: Sales Time Limit: Until 18th February。

$ 7.28 (350 grams)

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Wei Lih Dry Noodles 维力素炸酱面

Pack of 5. 90 grams per packet

$ 4.28 (450 grams)

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Cabbage Soda Cracker 207g 甘籃蘇打餅乾

9 small Bags in a packet. Totaling 207g

$ 3.75 (207grams)

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