Vegetarian Mutton (higher mushroom content) 山羊肉


Made Malaysia. Big Chunks. Suitable for tonic soup, Rendang curry. Everyone's favorite.


Mushroom, Calcium Carbonate, Vegetable Oil, Natural Vegetarian Seasoning.

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Fresh Soy Knot 打结豆支

Could be use to braised, stir fry and deep fry.

$ 2.68 (500 grams)

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Little Me't Chunk 大顺小扣肉

Airfry or deepfry as vegetarian luncheon meat to go with nasi ...

$ 9.10 (600 grams)

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Friendly BBQ Snack Original (Big Piece) 善缘素肉干片

Vegetarian bak kwa. Made from Soy protein and mushroom.

$ 6.96 (250 grams)

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Tapioca Fritter 椰香木薯糕 (20 pieces)

Made in Malaysia. Think Goreng Pisang. Local Food.

$ 4.07 (960 grams)

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