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Mixed Nuts Mooncake 特级伍仁月饼 (纯素) 720grams





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Dried Seaweed 如意-无砂紫菜 80grams

Seaweed for soup.海藻汤。

$ 6.96 (80 grams)

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Pumpkin Floss bundle 莲厨 - 肉松 南瓜香松 (3包...

300grams x 3pkts.  Expiry: October 2020.  

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CHASTE JE WAY VEGAN HAM SLICE Vegan Ham Slice 斋之味 -...


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Vegetarian Chili Paste and mushroom 鼎荣-香菇辣椒...


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Cranberry Slice Cookies E64 蔓越莓切片饼 280g

-Chinese New Year Goodies.

$ 8.35 (280 grams)

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