Rendang Curry Paste 娘惹仁当咖哩即煮酱 120g





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Cadina Potato Chips 70g 卡迪那台灣甘藷脆

卡迪那台灣甘藷脆片 Link to official page in Taiwan

$ 2.14 (70grams)

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Lemon Malt Drink 330grams 天然檸檬黑麥汁

0% Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage with Caramel. Flavored with lem...

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Vege Taiwanese Chicken 松珍三杯鸡

Be a gourmet. Steam or microwave.  

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Cherry Malz Drink (6 cans) 櫻桃黑麥汁 330mlX12can

Pack of 6. Save money. Same goodness. 300ml per can.

$ 12.84 (1980 grams)

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