Vegetarian Seafood 素海鲜

Fish Filet 香鱼排


$ 6.90 (500 grams)

Friendly Vegetarian Fish (5pcs) 善缘素鱼

Traditional Vegetarian Fish

$ 5.00 (800 grams)

Vegefarm Frozen Tuna Salad (Fish) 鮪魚沙拉

Made by soy protein(Non-Gmo),No alcohol,no eggs, no meat and 1...

$ 6.00 (300 grams)

Vegetarian Banana Fish 香焦鱼

Spicy Vegetarian Fish wrapped in banana leaf. Ideal for oven b...

$ 3.50 (400 grams)

Vegetarian Fish Fillet CK Food 鳕鱼排

Suitable for deep fried or oven baked. Halal.

$ 8.00 (600 grams)

Veggie Sashimi Squid 素花枝生鱼片

Veggie Sashimi Squid 220g 素花枝生鱼片 Veggie Sasimi Squ...

$ 4.50 (220 grams)

Veggie Sashimi Tuna 鮪鱼沙西米

Made In Taiwan. Remarks: Thaw, Slice and ready to Serve. NO He...

$ 4.50 (220 grams)

Wheat Cod Fish (2 pieces) 燕麦雪鱼

Steam, Pan-fried

$ 7.00 (300 grams)

Wheat Cod Fish (8 pieces) 燕麦雪鱼

Big Packet, Value for Money

$ 22.50 (1.2 kg)

Wu Yu 午鱼


$ 6.00 (1 kg)

Vegetarian Asam Fish 素食素阿參鱼

Heat up the vacuum pack for a hearty meal

$ 3.80 (300g)

Vegetarian Cuttlefish 600grams 尤鱼

Konjac based. Stir fry with ginger and sesame oil. Stir fry wi...

$ 2.50 (600 grams)

Vegetarian Shrimp 600grams 素虾仁


$ 2.50 (600 grams)

Abalone Small 御膳鮑魚(6pcs)

Cold Cut,Chop Suey

$ 5.50 (250g)

Abalone Vegetarian 170g 巨昌素鮑魚

Vegetarian Abalone. Suitable for steamboat, yu sheng, pan frie...

$ 5.50 (170g)

Gourmet Sea Cucumber 600g 竹碳海参

Gourmet Sea Cucumber 竹碳莿蔘 Made In Taiwan

$ 9.00 (600g)

Veg. Abalone Small 280g 小巨昌鮑魚

Ever popular Vegetarian Abalone now in small size. Ideal for m...

$ 8.80 (280g)

Vege Japanese Roasted Eel 曰式素烧鳗

Comes with teriyaki sauce. You can buy the kabayaki sauce sepa...

$ 4.00 (200g)

Vegetarian Fried Calamari 500g 炸苏东圈

Vegetarian Squid Ring. Vegetarian Fried Calamari with bread cr...

$ 7.00 (500g)