Cans 罐头

Bottled Preserved Chili Bean Curd 130g 四川麻油辣腐...

Bottled. Made in Taiwan ROC. Small bottle.

$ 1.00 (130g)

Fried Bean Sauce 素炸醬

Used as a Dip, Stirfry, Braised and Marinating

$ 12.80 (800g)

Sesame Cedar Sauce 芝麻香椿醬

This is highly recommended. To go with rice or porridge.

$ 6.50 (360g)

Vegetarian Minced Meat With Pickled Cucumber 360g 瑞春...

名产。好吃好吃好吃。 Goes well with porridge. Serve...

$ 5.50 (360g)

Vegan Pearl Abalone Can 纯素鲍鱼罐

Premium Can of 5 pearl vegan abalone, kept in kelp soup.

$ 18.00 (600g )