CNY Specialities 新年食品

Jasen Roasted BBQ Slices 皆盛烤香片

** In Stock FOR CNY 2017*** In Stock. Jasen Roasted BBQ Slice...

$ 9.50 (200g)

Vegetarian Beef Jerky Spicy 辣牛肉干

Made from Mushroom Stalk. Product of Taiwan.

$ 2.60 (70 grams)

Wasabi Square Cookies 180g 哇沙米方塊酥

哇沙米方塊酥 ISO Qualiy Certification. Famous Taiwanese ...

$ 2.50 (180 grams)

Sesame Oil Chicken Vegetarian 軒麻油雞

Referred to as the dish for "Confinement Mummies"

$ 5.50 (350g)

Vegetarian Liver 600grams 粉肝

Konjac based. Stir fry with ginger and sesame oil. 

$ 3.00 (600g)

Sesame Oil Monkeyhead Mushroom 御品麻油猴頭菇 (奶...

Sesame Oil Monkeyhead Mushroom. Referred to as the dish for "C...

$ 6.50 (400g)

Mini Vegetarian Roll 300g 素虾卷

Made in Malaysia Available now. In Stock for 2017!  try ...

$ 6.50 (250g)

Prosperity Yu Sheng 善缘发财鱼生 (小盒)

Prosperity Yu Sheng. 发财鱼生 Note: To add fresh carrot, ...

$ 8.80 (1 BOX (Small))

Vege. imitation Herbs Ingredients Chicken 480g 当归连...

Could be cook with herbs, red dates, black dates, wolfberry in...

$ 6.00 (480g)

Veg.TX Ball 佛心天心宝 500g

Best for stewed soup , especially bak kuh teh and vinegar trot...

$ 4.50 (500g)

Veg Smoke Duck 善缘焖斋鸭 1kg

Secret ingredient for making dumplings. Nonya Dumplings. Stir ...

$ 5.00 (1kg)

CK Mushroom W/Sesame Oil 全广麻油猴头菇(蛋素) 800g

食用方式: 1. 本產品解凍後,將內容物拆封後倒...

$ 9.00 (800g)

Chicken Soup With Sesame Oil 松珍麻油鸡 (奶素)

素食 #奶素 麻油鸡 新年 #年菜 ...

$ 18.50 (1.2kg)