BBQ Barbeque

Pandan Chicken 香兰鸡 25

Suitable for BBQ, grill or bake

$ 6.00 (25 pcs)

Vegetarian Banana Fish 香焦鱼

Spicy Vegetarian Fish wrapped in banana leaf. Ideal for oven b...

$ 3.50 (400g)

Cheese Mini Sausages 600g 全广芝心肠 (ovo lacto vege...

Cheese Filled Mini Sausages. Party. Pan Fried.  Deep fried.

$ 7.50 (600g)

Vegetarian Smoking Mini Soy Sausage 500g 素QQ肠 (ovo la...

Same soy goodness from CK Food New from 1st April 2013 Cookin...

$ 6.50 (500g)

Vegetarian Otak Otak (coconut leaf) 素乌达

10 pieces of veegtarian otak otak wrapped in coconut leaf. Sui...

$ 6.00 (10 pieces)

Vegefarm Mustard Cheese Ball 芥末乳酪球

Made by soy protein(Non-Gmo),No alchol,no eggs, no meat and 10...

$ 6.50 (454g)

Vegetarian Satay 素沙爹肉

Made In Malaysia. You get one kg of satay meat, flavoured with...

$ 6.00 (1 kg)

Vegetarian Sardines 素沙丁鱼 (8pcs) 320g

Made In Malaysia

$ 2.20 ((8pcs) 320g)

Veg. Pandan Chicken 100 pieces 班兰鸡

Suitable for BBQ, grill or bake

$ 20.00 (100 pieces)