Barbeque 烧烤类

Q-Tofu Slice 野菜百页

available in 1kg and 300g

$ 6.00 (1000 grams)

Pandan Chicken 班兰素鸡 25pcs

Suitable for BBQ, grill or bake

$ 6.00 (25 pcs)

Vegefarm Vege Chicken ball 松珍鸡丝丸

CNY 2013 Must have. New. From Vegefarm.

$ 6.50 (454 grams)

Veggie Chicken Burger 香G排

Pan-fried or Microwave

$ 9.50 (1000 grams)

Veggie Chicken Burger 香G排

Pan-fried or Microwave 6 Pieces in a box ------New Packaging....

$ 3.50 (300 grams)

Chicken Rice Chilli 善缘鸡饭辣椒

Friendly branded Chicken rice chilli. NO garlic. 

$ 2.50 (200 grams)

Extra Spicy Vegetarian Balachan Chili 特辣岜拉煎辣椒

180gm bottle. Made in Singapore

$ 3.50 (180 grams)

Vegetarian Premixed Laksa Paste 素叻沙料

Made In Singapore. No Garlic, No Shallot.

$ 2.50 (250 grams)

World`s Hottest Chili Sauce 195g 天下第一辣

Printed on the label, "Very hot, Take Drof by Drop." Made In T...

$ 4.00 (195g)

World`s Hottest Chili Sauce 天下第一辣

Printed on the label, "Extremely hot, Take Drop by Drop." Made...

$ 7.80 (450 grams)

Vegetarian Banana Fish 香蕉鱼

Spicy Vegetarian Fish wrapped in banana leaf. Ideal for oven b...

$ 3.50 (400 grams)

Friendly Braised Ham 善缘噜味火腿

Made in Taiwan. Thank you everyone for the overwhelming suppor...

$ 5.00 (1000 grams)

Su Jin Xiang Ham 素津香火腿

素津香 Ham is one of our bestseller.

$ 6.00 (1000 grams)

Vege Smoked Duck 神仙鸭

Made In Taiwan R.O.C.

$ 4.80 (280 grams)

Cheese Mini Sausages 全广芝心肠 (ovo lacto vegetarian)

Cheese Filled Mini Sausages. Party. Pan Fried.  Deep fried.

$ 7.50 (600 grams)

Vegetarian Smoking Mini Soy Sausage 素QQ肠 (ovo lacto v...

Same soy goodness from CK Food Cooking Directions: Braising, ...

$ 6.50 (500 grams)

Vege Japanese Roasted Eel 曰式素烧鳗

Comes with teriyaki sauce. You can buy the kabayaki sauce sepa...

$ 4.00 (200 grams)