Steamboat/Soup 火锅/汤类

Golden Oyster Mushroom 黄金百灵菇

Cook from frozen, deep dry untill golden brown, serve with chi...

$ 3.50 (250 grams)

Vegefarm lactovege Stuffed meat ball 松珍开心果

Stuffed and filled with goodness

$ 6.50 (454 grams)

Vegefarm lactovege Fried Shrimp 松珍炸小蝦

deep fried to golden brown.  

$ 7.00 (454 grams)

Monkeyhead Mushroom #lactoveg 白猴頭菇

5% discount. take the big bag. $10.00 for the 600g pack.

$ 28.50 (1800 grams)

Vegan Pearl Abalone Can 纯素鲍鱼罐

Premium Can of 6 pearl vegan abalone, kept in kelp soup.

$ 18.00 (600 grams)

Health Burdock Gean 养生牛蒡(蛋素)

Health delicious vegetarian food. Can pen fry, deep fry, soup,...

$ 6.50 (600 grams)

Vegetarian Fish Maw Vegan 脆皮素鱼鳔


$ 9.00 (300 grams)

Xiang Chun Rou Wan 香椿素肉丸(纯素) (10pcs)

Steam this Vegetarian Taiwanese Meat Ball, taiwanese version o...

$ 5.00 (950 grams)

Vegan Salted Fish 咸鱼翻生(纯)

Add to porridge, soup noodles, mee hoon kueh soup.

$ 4.50 (130 grams)