Veg Soyskin 黄豆类

Friendly BBQ Snack Original 善缘素肉干

Vegetarian bak Kwa. Smaller piece. Made from Soya bean fiber.

$ 6.50 (250 grams)

Friendly BBQ Snack Original Carton 善缘素肉干

Carton of 12 boxes. Save $18.00. Each boxes weighs 250g. Veget...

$ 72.00 (12 Boxes)

Friendly BBQ Snack Spicy Carton 善缘素肉干辣(圆形)

Carton of 12 boxes. Save $. Each boxes weighs 250g. Vegetarian...

$ 72.00 (12 Boxes)

Vegetarian Tio Chiew Salted Duck 900g 潮洲卤鸭

Made In Malaysia. Brand: Sincerely: 佛心

$ 5.50 (900g)

Fresh Soy Chip 500g 善缘豆包

Frozen Fresh Bean Curd Skin

$ 2.20 (500g)

Fresh Soy Knot 500g 打结豆支

Could be use to braised, stir fry and deep fry.

$ 2.50 (500g)

Veg. Golden Drumsticks 五香大腿

At 780grams, this Golden Drumsticks is the one family favourit...

$ 5.50 (780 grams)

Black Pepper Mini Steak 454g 松珍黑胡椒小牛排

#lactoVegetarian 黑胡椒小牛排(附醬) comes with Sauce ...

$ 6.50 (454 grams)

Tou pau 500g 曾家豆包

Soy Chip

$ 2.50 (500g)

Veg Gluten Oyster with black fungus 素蚝仔(面筋) 500g

Made from gluten with black fungus.

$ 3.50 (500g)

Teow Chew Dumpling 潮州卖 1kg

Eggless. Vegetarian From KL, Malaysia

$ 10.50 (1kg)

Beancurd 朱皮 #vegan


$ 6.00 (1000 grams)