Snack 零食

Friendly BBQ Snack Original (Big Piece)Carton 善缘素...

Carton of 12 boxes. Save $18.00. Each boxes weighs 250g. Veget...

$ 72.00 (12 Boxes)

Friendly BBQ Snack Spicy 善缘素肉干辣

Vegetarian bak Kwa. Smaller piece. Made from Soya bean fiber.

$ 6.50 (250g)

Friendly BBQ Snack Spicy (Big Piece) 善缘素肉干辣片

Vegetarian bak kwa. Made from Soy protein and mushroom.

$ 6.50 (250g)

Vegetarian Beef Jerky Spicy 辣牛肉干

Made from Mushroom Stalk. Product of Taiwan.

$ 2.60 (70 grams)

Buckwheat Seaweed Cookies 蕎麥海苔燒

Individually Packed.

$ 3.50 (200g)

Roasted Mixed Health Kernels 320G 八味豆

Eight Different Nuts in a Bottle. Makes you a Nutty Person. Ma...

$ 8.50 (320g)

Vegetarian Otak Otak (coconut leaf) 素乌达

10 pieces of veegtarian otak otak wrapped in coconut leaf. Sui...

$ 6.00 (10 pieces)

American Corn Snack 60g 金牛角

Buy Big Pack and save.

$ 3.20 (60g)

Cheese Roast 80g 乳酪燒


$ 5.50 (80g)

Vegetarian Corn Snack 35g 金牛角

Price reduced from $2.20 to $2.00***

$ 2.00 (35g)

Yong Peng Boy Laver Crisp 168g 紫菜酥

Ingredients: Dried Seaweed, Seasoning, Vegetable Oil (palm Oil...

$ 4.50 (160g)

Bon Processed Cheese Slice 芝士

Bon Appetit Vegetarian Processed Cheese Slices (10 Slices)

$ 3.30 (170g)

Vegetarian Hawaiian Pizza 5 in 6 pieces 夏威夷披薩6塊

After thawing pizza, Oven Baked at 200 degrees Celsius. Micro...

$ 9.00 (720g)

Brown Rice Puff 糙米米果 300g

Healthy Choice. try It today!

$ 5.00 (300g)