Seaweed 紫菜

Wheat Cod Fish (2 pieces) 燕麦雪鱼

Steam, Pan-fried

$ 7.00 (300 grams)

Wheat Cod Fish (8 pieces) 燕麦雪鱼

Big Packet, Value for Money

$ 22.50 (1.2 kg)

Wu Yu 午鱼


$ 6.00 (1 kg)

Burdock Floss 牛蒡香酥


$ 6.50 ( 300grams)

Pumpkin Floss 南瓜香鬆


$ 5.50 (300g)

Weiyi Laver Ro Su 150grams (10 packets) 学生包 味一...

Vegetarian. 学生包 味一素肉鬆 Beautifully packaged for...

$ 7.00 (150grams)

Korean Kelp 250g 佳欣韓國昆布

For Soup, Boil to flavour. Soup base for ramen, kelp soup used...

$ 12.00 (250grams)

Ninja Cat ORI. Seaweed 40g 原味脆酥海苔

忍者貓香酥脆海苔-原味 Tidbit

$ 3.20 (40g)

Ninja Cat Spicy Seaweed 辣味脆酥海苔

忍者貓香酥脆海苔-辣味 Tidbit

$ 3.20 (40g)

Ninja Cat WASABI. Seaweed 40g 芥茉脆酥海苔

忍者貓香酥脆海苔-芥茉 Tidbit

$ 3.20 (40g)

Roasted Red Seaweed 佳欣岩燒紅毛苔

Eaten as a snack, goes well with porridge and as a sandwich.

$ 6.00 (120g)

Dried Seaweed 100g 无砂紫菜

Seaweed for soup.

$ 5.50 (100g)

Kelp Sprout 130g 多绿海带芽

Suitable for soup, miso soup base. Rich in Iodine. Essential t...

$ 5.00 (130grams)

Vegan coral seaweed (frozen) 冰冻珊瑚草 600g

Made in Taiwan. thaw and serve. Could be used as a cold dish.

$ 5.50 (600g)