Seasonings 佐料

Fried Bean Sauce 素炸醬

Used as a Dip, Stirfry, Braised and Marinating

$ 12.80 (800g)

Sesame Cedar Sauce 芝麻香椿醬

This is highly recommended. To go with rice or porridge.

$ 6.50 (360g)

Chicken Rice Chilli 善缘鸡饭辣椒

Friendly branded Chicken rice chilli. NO garlic. 

$ 2.50 (200g)

Extra Spicy Vegetarian Balachan Chili 特辣岜拉煎辣椒

180gm bottle. Made in Singapore

$ 3.50 (180g)

Lime Belachan Chilli Padi 180g 岜拉煎 酸柑辣椒

180g bottle. Made in Singapore

$ 3.50 (180g)

Vegetarian Mee Siam Paste 230gm 素食米暹料

Cooking Instructions: Cook water to boil (2000CC). Add in Mee ...

$ 2.50 (230g)

Vegetarian Premixed Laksa Paste 素叻沙料

Made In Singapore. No Garlic, No Shallot.

$ 2.50 (250g)

World`s Hottest Chili Sauce 195g 天下第一辣

Printed on the label, "Very hot, Take Drof by Drop." Made In T...

$ 4.00 (195g)

World`s Hottest Chili Sauce 450g 天下第一辣

Printed on the label, "Extremely hot, Take Drop by Drop." Made...

$ 7.80 (450g)

Miso Soup Instant 味噌汤

6 packets in a Box. 24 Boxes in a Carton

$ 4.50 (54g)

Tonic Meal Soup Stock Powder 素药膳高汤粉

6 packets in a box. 24 Boxes in a Carton

$ 4.50 (80 grams)

Aged Soy Paste 陈年隂油膏

Black beans. Favorited by many. 

$ 3.20 (520ml)

Lucky Coconut Milk 1liter 纯正椰浆

Add to curry for extra ooze and Favour

$ 3.80 (1000ml)

Jaguar Crispy Powder 500g 金錢豹酥漿粉

In Manufacturers`s Words, "All Fried Foods are Crispy! The Qua...

$ 2.80 (500g)

Kim Lan Soy Sauce 590ml 金蘭醬油

NOn- GMO beans. Made In Taiwan.

$ 3.50 (590ml)