Seasonings 调味酱

Fried Bean Sauce 素炸醬

Used as a Dip, Stirfry, Braised and Marinating

$ 12.80 (800g)

Aged Soy Paste 陈年隂油膏

Black beans. Favorited by many. 

$ 3.20 (520ml)

Lucky Coconut Milk 1liter 纯正椰浆

Add to curry for extra ooze and Favour

$ 3.80 (1000ml)

Jaguar Crispy Powder 500g 金錢豹酥漿粉

In Manufacturers`s Words, "All Fried Foods are Crispy! The Qua...

$ 2.80 (500g)

Kim Lan Soy Sauce 590ml 金蘭醬油

NOn- GMO beans. Made In Taiwan.

$ 3.50 (590ml)

Mirin 500ml 工研味醂

Mirin is an essential condiment used in Japanese cuisine, cons...

$ 5.00 (500ml)

Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce Paste 600g 純釀造油膏

Wan Ja Shan Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce Paste 600g. Product Of ...

$ 3.00 (600g)

O`long Black Bean Soy Sauce Paste 黑龍黑豆油膏

Halal. Black Beans are dried under the sun for 120 days before...

$ 6.00 (400ml)

Peace Brand Thai Tom Yam 340g 素食白鸽东炎酱料

Halal. Made in Thailand. Thai Tom yam Thai Tomyam

$ 3.50 (340g)

Poloku Mushroom Pepper Salt Poloku 香菇濃縮椒鹽粉

15 Sachets of 2 grams each. Idea for french fries dip, to go w...

$ 6.00 (2g x 15pkt)

Poloku Mushroom Seasoning 500gx12pkts 香菇颗粒调味料

1 carton of Poloku Mushroom Seasoning 500g x 12 pkts. You save...

$ 204.00 (6kg)

Poloku Mushroom Seasoning box 香菇颗粒调味料

Box of 20 packets of 3.5grams each

$ 6.00 (36g x 20pkts)

Poloku Mushroom Seasoning with Corn 香菇风味调味料

This mushroom seasoning is enhanced with corn.

$ 25.00 (500g)

Ponzu 300ml 和風沙拉醬

日式疏菜佐料 Ponzu Citrus Seasoned Soy Sauce & Salad...

$ 2.40 (300ml)

Stir Fry Sauce 580g 萬家香香菇油膏

Product of Taiwan. Refrigerate after opening. Halal.

$ 3.00 (580g)

Teng Eng Vegetarian Tom Yam 227g 素食东炎酱料

Long lasting freshness No preservatives. No Coloring

$ 2.50 (227g)