Cans 罐头类

Bottled Preserved Chili Bean Curd 130g 四川麻油辣腐...

Bottled. Made in Taiwan ROC. Small bottle.

$ 1.00 (130g)

Sesame Cedar Sauce 芝麻香椿醬

This is highly recommended. To go with rice or porridge.

$ 6.50 (360g)


New Supreme Fried Prawn 富貴黃金蝦 #lacto-vegetarian Sel...

$ 7.00 (500g)

Konjac Cuttlefish 200g 蒟蒻雙色墨魚

Konjac Slices. Suitable for salad, pan fry, stir-fry, braised ...

$ 2.00 (200 grams)

Gan Bei Gen 500g 干贝羹 (全素)

Cooking Methods:Deep Fry,Soup,BBQ & Salad

$ 8.00 (500g)

Crab Stick 蟹肉棒 500g

Available in 2 sizes.500g, and 3kg.

$ 8.00 (500g)

Veg Seafood Mix 海鲜料 500g

Good for steamboat party

$ 8.00 (500g)

Burdock Broth 牛蒡羹 600g

can fried,cook,stir fried,stew,microwave

$ 6.50 (600g)

Veg Gluten Oyster with black fungus 素蚝仔(面筋) 500g

Made from gluten with black fungus.

$ 3.50 (500g)