Instant Vemicelli 米粉/粥

Pumpkin Instant Porridge (PKT) 多穀糙麥粥

Sachet of 40g, for 1 serving.

$ 1.50 (40g)

Vegetarian Instant Rice Noodle 南興素食米粉

南興素食新竹米粉 Instant Rice Noodle. 5 packets of 60 ...

$ 3.50 (300g)

Vegetarian Ham Dice 素火腿丁

Suitable for stir-fry. Fried Rice. Made In Taiwan ROC

$ 5.50 (600g)

Tai sun bee hoon 3kg 太山米粉

bee hoon value pack

$ 6.00 (3kg)

Vegetarian Smoking Mini Soy Sausage 1kg 素QQ肠 (ovo lac...

Same soy goodness from CK Food Cooking Directions: Braising, ...

$ 12.00 (1kg)