Pau/Buns 点心类

Lotus Leaf 荷叶包(10pcs)

Good Taste, and easy to steam.

$ 1.60 (300 grams)

Mini Vegetable Buns 小龙菜包(9pcs)

Easy to steam.

$ 1.80 (270 grams)

Xiao Man Tou 白馒头(12pcs)

Easy Cook

$ 1.70 (180 grams)

Curry Lotus Bun 百味荷叶包 (咖哩) (纯素)

Contains Bun with vegetarian curry meat packed separately.

$ 3.20 (400 grams)

Roti Canai 百味印度煎饼 (纯素) (5pcs)

Comes with Dhall Curry.

$ 2.80 (550 grams)

Xiang Chun Rou Wan 香椿素肉丸(纯素) (10pcs)

Steam this Vegetarian Taiwanese Meat Ball, taiwanese version o...

$ 5.00 (950 grams)

Wei Xiao Shu Bing 微笑薯饼

To be deep fried. Keep Frozen. Could be cooked using a airfryer.

$ 6.00 (600 grams)

CK Mozzarella Sticks 全广乳酪棒

about 10 sticks. NON-Gmo. Made in Taiwan. Preservative free. L...

$ 6.00 (250 grams)