Meat Vegetarian 素肉类

Roasted Chicken 250g 香酥雞

120 packets in a carton

$ 2.00 (250g)

Roasted Chicken 500g 香酥雞

60 packets in a carton

$ 3.50 (500g)

Veg. Chicken Nugget 600g 净素素鸡丁

Can marinated to make vegetarian satay for BBQ.

$ 6.90 (600g)

Veg. Roasted Chicken 1kg 麦片鸡丁

Find Recipe for this product: Veg. Roasted Chicken w/ Jujube a...

$ 5.50 (1kg)

Vegetarian Liver 600grams 粉肝

Konjac based. Stir fry with ginger and sesame oil. 

$ 3.00 (600g)

Friendly Mocked Braised Duck 1kg 善缘卤鸭

Made In Malaysia. Gluten Product. Used Wide for Braised with T...

$ 5.00 (1kg)

Veg. Layer Meat 1kg 更素三层肉

Made In Malaysia

$ 8.00 (1kg)

VegeFarm Sweet n Sour Pork 京都排骨

Made by soy protein(Non-Gmo),No alchol,no eggs, no meat and 10...

$ 8.00 (454g)

Vegetarian Tio Chiew Salted Duck 900g 潮洲卤鸭

Made In Malaysia. Brand: Sincerely: 佛心

$ 5.50 (900g)

Veggie Meat Ball 600g 獅子頭

Textured Soy Protein(NON-GMO), Soy Oil, Corn, Carrot, Green Pe...

$ 7.00 (600g)

Veggie Smoking Honey Goose #ovovegetarian 香密鹅

Non- Gmo Beans, favorful.   非基因改造大豆纖...

$ 6.50 (600g)

Monkeyhead Mushroom #lactoveg 600g 吉芳舆猴頭菇

Monkeyhead Mushroom. Processed in Taiwan. Lacto vegetarian. Co...

$ 10.00 (600g)

Jiawei Monkeyhead Mushroom 佳味猴頭菇

Ovo-lacto Vegetarian. Contains Milk and Eggs. Monkeyhead Mushr...

$ 10.00 (500g)

Lean Meat 道源素瘦肉

Main ingredient: Mushroom Contains Egg.

$ 4.50 (500g)