Vegetarian Ham 素火腿

Soya Roll 香饌素火腿

Water, Textured Soy Protein (NON-GMO)(Soy),Soybean Protein Iso...

$ 10.00 (1kg )

Friendly Braised Ham 善缘噜味火腿

Made in Taiwan. Thank you everyone for the overwhelming suppor...

$ 5.00 (1kg)

Monkeyhead Mushroom Ham 猴頭菇火腿

Monkeyhead Mushroom Ham made in TAIWAN ROC.

$ 11.00 (1kg)

Smoked Ham 烟味火腿

Smoked Ham ideal for sandwiches or deep fry and dice to add fl...

$ 5.00 (900g )

Su Jin Xiang Ham 素津香火腿

素津香 Ham is one of our bestseller.

$ 6.00 (1kg)

SuJinXiang Soya Ham Slice 素津香方形素火腿

Ham Slice. Made In Taiwan

$ 10.00 (1kg)

SuJinXiang Soya Ham Slice 素津香方形素火腿

素津香方形素火腿切片. Over 20 Slices of SuJin Xiang ...

$ 5.00 (400g)

Veggie Smoked Goose Slice 香蜜鵝方形素火腿

Made in Taiwan. More than 20 Slices

$ 10.00 (1kg)

Veggie Smoking Honey Goose #ovovegetarian 香密鹅

Non- Gmo Beans, favorful.   非基因改造大豆纖...

$ 6.50 (600g)

Konjac 1.2kg 蒟蒻

Konjac Slices. about 8 pieces per pack. Able to slice into des...

$ 8.00 (1.2 kg )

Konjac Cuttlefish 200g 蒟蒻雙色墨魚

Konjac Slices. Suitable for salad, pan fry, stir-fry, braised ...

$ 2.00 (200 grams)

Veg. Konjac 200g 蒟蒻白板

Konjac Slices. Able to slice into desired shape and slice.Suit...

$ 2.00 (200 grams)

Su Jin Xiang Ham Slice 全广火腿片 1kg

Available in 400g and 1kg,for 400g,please inquire within.

$ 10.00 (1kg)

Veggie Smoking Soy Slice 全广香蜜儿片 1kg

Available in 400g and 1kg  

$ 10.00 (1kg)