Vegetarian Mutton 素羊肉

Vegetarian Stewed Mutton 600g 燉羊肉 (台)

Stewed Mutton From Taiwan R.O.C

$ 5.80 (600g)

Stewed Vegetarian Mutton 900g 大羊肉

Favourited by Indonesian Vegetarian Restaurants for rendang cu...

$ 7.00 (900g)

Friendly Vegetarian Stewed Mutton 素羊肉 900g

Good for curry, masala, soup. Contains Albumen Powder.

$ 6.00 (900g)

Su Tung Mutton Ball 苏东羊肉 450g

Ready serve after warming or for Barbecue,Curry,Preserve,Steam...

$ 3.50 (450g)

Vegetarian Baked Rice 素焗饭 300g

Made in Singapore.

$ 5.50 (300g)

Golden Oyster Mushroom 黄金百灵菇

Cook from frozen, deep dry untill golden brown, serve with chi...

$ 3.50 (250g)

Curry Lotus Bun 百味荷叶包 (咖哩) (纯素)

Contains Bun with vegetarian curry meat packed separately.

$ 3.20 (400g)

Roti Canai 百味印度煎饼 (纯素) (5pcs)

Comes with Dhall Curry.

$ 2.80 (550g)

Xiang Chun Rou Wan 香椿素肉丸(纯素) (10pcs)

Steam this Vegetarian Taiwanese Meat Ball, taiwanese version o...

$ 5.00 (950g)