Finger Food 香煎小吃

Lemon Fish 儒斋柠檬鱼

ovo-lacto vegetarian

$ 8.00 (600 grams)

Golden Oyster Mushroom 黄金百灵菇

Cook from frozen, deep dry untill golden brown, serve with chi...

$ 3.50 (250 grams)

Crispy Soya Skin vegan 香脆片(切干鹅)

Spray some oil in a airfryer or to be deep fry to golden brown...

$ 5.50 (400 grams)

Vegefarm lactovege Stuffed meat ball 松珍开心果

Stuffed and filled with goodness

$ 6.50 (454 grams)

Vegefarm lactovege Fried Shrimp 松珍炸小蝦

deep fried to golden brown.  

$ 7.00 (454 grams)

Vege Grilled Wheat Eel 全广蒲烧鳗

Health delicious vegetarian food. Can pen fry, deep fry, soup,...

$ 39.00 (3000 grams)

Roti Canai 百味印度煎饼 (5 pieces)

Comes with Dhall Curry.

$ 2.80 (550 grams)

Fried Mushroom 百味世界名片 (附酸甜酱)

comes with sweet and sour sauce.

$ 2.80 (180 grams)

Crispy roasted Pork 素香脆乳猪

Deep fried, or air fry, slice and serve over lettuce and sweet...

$ 4.00 (300 grams)

Wei Xiao Shu Bing 微笑薯饼

To be deep fried. Keep Frozen. Could be cooked using a airfryer.

$ 6.00 (600 grams)

HK Sausage 天恩港式腊肠

No preservatives. Keep Frozen. Product of Taiwan. Suitable for...

$ 6.50 (380 grams)

Golden Ingot 金元宝

全素 Vegan

$ 8.00 (500 grams)