Cabbage Soda Cracker 207g 甘籃蘇打餅乾

9 small Bags in a packet. Totaling 207g

$ 3.50 (207g)

Cabbage Soda Cracker 75g 甘籃蘇打餅乾

Small box of cabbage Soda cracker of 75g.

$ 2.00 (75g)

Flaxseed Buckwheat Cracker 207G 亞麻仁蕎麥蘇打餅

9 small bags. Total 207g per packets.

$ 3.50 (207g)

Fruit and vegetable biscuits 112g 五蔬果活力餅

Contains 7 packets of 16g each.

$ 2.00 (112g)

Nostoc Commune Biscuit 藍綠藻薄餅

Individually packed. 6 packets in each box. 6 packets x 20g each.

$ 2.00 (120 grams)